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We are Zoe and Gregg, two married anesthetists indulging in our passion for travel and adventure. When we’re not taking care of patients, we enjoy visiting exotic locations. Anywhere with a body of water and a scenic hotel has our name written all over it! We enjoy diving, canyoning, fishing, hiking and getting to know the locals. We are foodies at heart and enjoy trying the traditional cocktails of the area. We love getting lost and trying to experience the culture like the locals. Get inspired with articles on travel advice and more!

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos is located on the Mexican peninsula of Baja California Sur. It is composed of two towns, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Los Cabos is a desert land located along the coast of the Sea of Cortez. The coastline is full of luxury hotels and and rental properties. With arguably some of the best views in Mexico, Los Cabos is a highly sought out tourist destination. Also considered the marlin capital of the world, anglers from all over flock here during their season in hopes of hooking this big game fish. Other than the tequila and fishing, the views alone from the coast are worth visiting. The arch, located at the end of the Cabo San Lucas peninsula, is a famous landmark of Los Cabos. Sail around the arch, try to hook a marlin in the deep blue, or check out a local tequila tasting. Los Cabos has something to offer for everyone!

The Hotel

The Rooms

Panoramic Suite

The greatest part of our stay in Cabo San Lucas was our hotel, The Cape (a Thompson Hotel collection). It was one of the most unique hotels we have ever stayed in. Not that it was necessarily fancier or more luxurious than the rest, but the style of the rooms, along with incredible panoramic ocean views were killer! Sitting catty corner from the arch along the Sea of Cortez coast, this luxury boutique hotel lies. What truly won us over was the photos of the panoramic suite. We had originally booked the deluxe king suite, but I surprised Gregg for his birthday and upgraded us on the last night to the panoramic suite. With ocean views from every angle of the suite, the room screamed luxury. We couldn’t wait to see it in person!

From the moment we landed, we were treated with 5-star customer service. We truly felt like celebrities from the minute we arrived. We were escorted with private transport from the Cabo airport to the hotel. Our chauffeur took us through the desert on a 45 minute ride into the seaside town. It was crazy how the desert turns into a beach town out of nowhere. The drive morphed into endless scenic, luxury hotels and beautiful green golf courses. The ocean views amongst the desert backdrop were unlike any terrain we had seen before. The drive in our Escalade felt like a tour in itself. The SUV was very well maintained and comfortable. There was even wifi available for our use. The driver was extremely pleasant and informative. He answered all of our questions in regards to the town. As we pulled up to The Cape, we were immediately in awe. The dramatic entrance was large and open to the outdoors. The sea breeze swept through the corridor and brushed against our faces. We knew right away that this was vacation.

The concierge staff were welcoming and delightful. They were efficient during the check-in process. I was very appreciative that they kept the panoramic suite upgrade a secret. The service the entire time was impeccable. They showed us around hotel and escorted us to our room. This was the best part yet.

Deluxe Suite Views

As we walked into our deluxe king suite, we were immediately greeted with open ocean views. For their most basic room, it was still impressive. The decor was modern with a boho, yet rustic vibe. We were presented with a bottle of tequila on arrival, a nice touch. The room was luxurious and comforting in every aspect. Every detail was thought through and the technology was up to date. Our favorite part of the room was the glass shower and solo bath tub that were centered in the room so you could see the water views. We slept with the balcony door wide open every night. Listening to the crashing waves with a light sea breeze entering our room was absolutely serene. For a week after we got home, we slept with the sound of waves playing to help us fall asleep. It truly was the most relaxing way to drift off to sleep.

Panoramic Suite Views

On our last night we stayed in the panoramic suite. Walking into the room felt like we were walking into our own little corner of paradise. The room had glass windows and doors that took up the entire corner of the suite. This allowed for unparalleled panoramic views of the sea and the arch. It was one of the most luxurious, scenic rooms we have ever stayed in. The photos are incredible, but don’t nearly do it justice to how unreal the view actually is. Of course, we slept with the doors open all day and night. The room was decorated similarly to the deluxe suite, but was much larger. It had a jacuzzi on the balcony and a telescope for whale watching. The bed was like sleeping on a cloud hovering over the ocean. The balcony extends over the beach and you can hear the waves crashing onto the rocks. We ordered room service for each meal and did not leave our room until the morning. There was no where else in the world we would’ve rather been at that moment.

Restaurants & Bars

Aside from the fabulous hotel suites, the amenities were impressive as well. The nicest lobby bar we have seen can be found at The Cape. Open to air and surrounded by ocean views, it’s hard to beat. The handcrafted cocktails were a nice touch too!

Manta was the main fine dining restaurant located onsite. We celebrated Gregg’s birthday on the outdoor patio of Manta. The chef, Enrique Olvera, focuses on Pacific coast traditions and cuisine. The plates were smaller portions, so you could taste a few different foods. We recommend trying the Wagyu yakitori. Your taste buds will thank you!

The Ledge (beach bar) and Point Break (swim-up pool bar) also had delicious options. We enjoyed a traditional Mexican breakfast at The ledge, where we paired our meal with a refreshing smoothie. We spent much of our time poolside at Point Break. The mojitos and Piña Coladas were the best! If you don’t want to swim up to the bar, servers will wait on you at the loungers and cabanas. We typically ate lunch here and enjoyed the view of surfers catching waves. One day we saw a humpback whale in the distance from the pool! On Gregg’s birthday, the staff were kind enough to bring him a candlelit birthday cake to our room. We loved the sweet gesture. It made us feel so welcome!

The Amenities

We were huge fans of the infinity pool that overlooked the ocean and the arch. We had incredible views of not only the water, but also the town. The music was hip and had somewhat of a Miami beach vibe. The crowd was mostly young adults, but there were a couple families around with well behaved children. We loved the relaxing atmosphere and the infinity pool that felt like we were on the beach even though we didn’t spend much time in the ocean. The waves were a little rough and it was mostly only surfers that were in the water.

The gym and Currents Spa were very chic and modern. The oceanside massage cabana faced the beach and had curtains for privacy. We did not use the spa here, but it looked like an amazing experience. The gym had quite a bit of equipment for a hotel. The cardio machines all faced the floor-to-ceiling windows with glorious ocean views. Not a bad place to get a workout in!

Downtown Cabo was about a 20 minute drive south of The Cape. We asked the hotel to call us a cab whenever we left the hotel. We’ve never had an issue or felt unsafe in Mexico, but we try to not be naive during our travels. We always go through companies recommended by the hotel and use private transport if suggested. Be sure to check out the government site on Mexican tourism and safety prior to travel here.

The Town

Downtown Cabo is known for its nightlife, tequilerías, restaurants, and shops. It is also known for the famous tequila bar, Cabo Wabo Cantina. We roamed around downtown for a bit and scoped out Cabo Wabo. During midday it was a little dead, but you could tell the atmosphere gets wild at night. We decided to venture towards the water and try this extremely touristy spot, The Office on the Beach. As much as we downplay high tourist traffic spots, we tend to have a blast anyway. The Office is a Mexican restaurant located outside on the beach. It has a direct view of the arch and nonstop live entertainment. During the couple hours that we were there for dinner and drinks, we saw a live band, solo performers, people blowing up balloons, and more. It was madness! We sipped on our margs and enjoyed the show. As the sun set, tiki torches lit up and the party grew larger. It was an absolute blast! Unfortunately, we had to end the night a little early because we had a fishing charter booked for early the next morning. So, we headed back to our dream of a hotel.

The Fishing

For Gregg’s birthday we have a tradition of booking a deep sea fishing charter on our trip. So for the Cabo birthday, we did just that. We tried to save some money and didn’t go with any of the charters that were recommended by the hotel. In retrospect, we probably should’ve coughed up the extra cash. Although we didn’t catch a bite all day, we still had a blast. Just being out on the water was incredible. We cruised by the famous arch, saw humpback whales, and enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise. Our favorite part of the trip was when we were heading back into the marina channel. A sea lion jumped onto the back of our boat trying to get to our bait live well. It scared us at first, but when more seals and sea lions started joining him, we thought it was a riot! It was such an awesome memory feeding them from the back of the boat. We couldn’t believe how close they got to us and how high they could jump!

The charter company we used was called Phantom. We don’t normally give bad reviews, so we’ll keep our complaints short. The company had great reviews, the captain and first mate were kind and seemed to put a lot of effort into trying to hook a line. Unfortunately, when we returned to the dock, we went to grab our cash out of our bag to tip them and our cash was gone. We’re not accusing them because we cannot be one hundred percent sure, but it was kind of fishy (the only thing that was that day). The cash had been at the bottom of our bag and somehow nothing else was missing. Our bags were taken down into the cockpit by the mate while we were on the deck. We were sure we had it in there when we got on the boat. Either way, it was sad the day had to end like that. Overall, we had a great time on the boat and were going to give them that money anyway. We just were bummed that we got taken advantage of. Moral of the story, do lots of research before booking a charter and use ones recommended by the hotel, if possible. Regardless, we still highly recommend attempting to catch a marlin during your stay in Los Cabos!

Los Cabos is one of our favorite places in the world. The beauty of the towns are like no other. The mix of beach and desert felt like a different world in itself. We loved the people that we made contact with and had the most incredible experience at The Cape. We have recommended the hotel to our friends and family and will continue to recommend to you! There is nothing to not love about this place. Views on views from the rooms and the pool. Delicious food and cocktails. Not to mention, plenty of activities in the surrounding area. We will absolutely be returning to The Cape and were grateful for another fabulous vacation experience!

3 comments on “Los Cabos – The Cape, A Hotel Review

  1. Robin Emmerman says:

    Those pictures! What an amazing hotel experience and pictures!! The panoramic room looked like an experience of a lifetime! Pure paradise! So good that you described the fishing charter too. How incredible too see all of your pics and videos too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sue says:

    Wow dream vacation…. Beautiful pics, beautiful people.


    1. Zoe & Gregg says:

      It really was an incredible trip and hotel! Thanks for the love 😊


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